This Cancellations & Refunds Policy is in force along with the Terms Of Use which govern your acceptance and use of our Platforms: website and our Kwyk App.

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In case of dissatisfaction from our services, clients have the liberty to cancel their orders and request a refund from us. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy

As a general rule, order once placed on Kwyk Platform(s) shall not be eligible for cancellation. However, User/Buyer/Customer may be able to cancel an order before that order is accepted by the Merchant Partner. Once the order is accepted by the Merchant Partner the order cannot be cancelled. Kwyk reserves the right to accept or deny request for refund against such cancellation depending on the cancellation history and cancellation frequency of the User/Buyer/Customer at Kwyk’s sole discretion.

To ensure our customers get best quality products and excellent customer experience Kwyk employees, associates, merchant partners and delivery partners put in a lot of hard work and efforts. To compensate the effort of our associates, merchant partner and delivery partners Kwyk has the right to charge 100% of the order value as a cancellation fees as breach of your Terms of Use.

Kwyk also reserves the right to charge cancellation charges for the orders which needs to be cancelled by Kwyk for the reasons beyond Kwyk’s control or for reasons not attributable to Kwyk.

Reasons which cannot be attributed to Kwyk for any cancellations are as follows (but no limited only these):

  • Incorrect contact and delivery information provided by the User/Buyer/Customer

  • User/Buyer/Customer is not reachable or not contactable or not available on the provided contact information at the time of signup or while placing the order

  • Unforeseen circumstance beyond control of Kwyk, our associates, merchant partner or delivery partners

  • Customer cancelling entire order due to unavailability of some of the items in the order

Kwyk’s decision on cancellation shall be final and abiding.

Refund Policy

User/Buyer/Customer may be entitled to receive refund up to the 100% of the order value for reasons attributable to Kwyk. Kwyk reserves the right at its sole discretion to deduct any penalty or charges from the refundable amount as per the Cancellations Policy and Terms of Use.

All refunds shall be reviewed on case to case basis for its eligibility and for any applicable charges or deductions or penalties. Kwyk’s decision on refunds shall be final and abiding.

The TAT for all eligible refunds shall be 2 to 7 business days and the refund shall be processed in the same payment source from where the order payment was done.

Timeline: You may be able cancel your order before it gets delivered, but your eligibility for a refund depends on the status of the order as mentioned below: 

Order Status


Restaurant has not confirmed order and a Delivery Partner has not been assigned       

Full Refund

Restaurant has not confirmed order but a Delivery Partner has been assigned

No Refund  

Restaurant has confirmed order but a Delivery Partner has not been assigned

Restaurant has confirmed order and a Delivery Partner has been assigned

No Refund